Monday, May 10, 2010


PostScript is a 16 page (+ covers), quarter-sized zine that is not only all about postcards, but IS a postcard! The zine comes in a cunning self-mailer, with your address handwritten onto the back cover (see 2nd photo above). There is no reduction in postage cost if you buy this item along with others from my store, as I will mail it separately from the other items, so that you still get the full postcard 'effect'.

Inside there is lots of stuff about why postcards are such an eco-friendly mode of communication, international postcard projects you can sign up to, and a 'postcard recycling kit'. The recycling kit consists of self-adhesive postcard labels, 4 containing postcard-related craft projects, and 4 with the address/note side, so that you can recycle postcards you have received (or photos), or turn any random piece of scrap card into a postcard greeting.

All printed on recycled paper (except for the labels :-( ), and with a simple hand-stitched binding. Copies available from TangleCrafts.

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